Having worked closely with the Fine Art department over the last few months in particular, and in light of the success and potential of the residency Test Space, it’s been proposed that the structure could be re-exhibited in a few months time as part of the BA degree show. This would take the form of a continued collaborative work with Eloise which would stand very much as an exploration of what it means to collaborate within the art school.

Here is a text we have written between us to describe how we see our collaboration so far and where we envision it going at this stage:

Eloise Edwards & Louisa Love

During Louisa Love’s graduate residency at UCA, the work took the form of investigating structures to encourage participation and discursive activity with other students on site. This produced a substantial work with BA Fine Art 3rd year student Eloise Edwards, whose own work already investigated aspects of collaborative practice. The result was the joint building of the Test Space structure, a space in which installations, projections and archival work could be contained. Edwards and Love have engaged in an exploratory work process investigating the conceptual and processual crossovers in their practices and the affects and possibilities of collaborating within the institutional context. They have been considering questions to do with how various relation of materials, practices and territories may be negotiated as collaborators. 

This project reached an interesting point as Louisa’s residency came to an end, so as a continuation, reflection and resolution of the collaboration they plan to occupy the Test Space structure during the degree show in a multi-responsive way – combining varying presentations of filmic projection, object-based/material productions, performative action, discussion and documentation. They are particularly interested in the idea of ‘multiple voices’ interacting with each other within a space and the creation of a complex, multilayered artwork with variable boundaries. Edwards and Love envision taking a somewhat programmatic and evolutionary response to occupying and curating the space, with the possibility of others being invited into the conversations of the work. They very much want the work to function as a reflection on the nature of collaboration (more specifically their collaboration) and the multiplicity that exists within contemporary artistic practices.

Both Edwards and Love have a long term interest in developing collaborative practices within their own work as artists and view the use of collaboration as an increasingly important aspect of contemporary art production. 


On Thursday I hosted a research discussion session (my final piece of residency activity) together with tutor Dominic Rahtz in the Test Space for his 2nd year group. These students are in the middle of their Research 4 unit in which they develop an individual or collaborative public project that’s supported by theoretical research and our session focused on looking at the roles and different methodologies of documenting work.

We discussed varying forms and examples of how one can document, and considerations of the relationships between the work, its siting, its exhibition and its documentation (and how these inform the choices of documentary method).

Dominic and I both presented and talked through specific examples of artists’ use of documentation within their work and theoretical perspectives on the role of the document – eg. Seth Siegelaub’s use of the exhibtion catalogue as the work as well as exhibition; Roland Barthes’ Death of the Author, and (the particularly interesting example) On Exhibitions and the World at Large: Seth Siegelaub in Conversation with Charles Harrison (Studio International Vol. 178, no. 917, 1969, pp. 202-3)

I also discussed my own process/experiences of dealing with issues related to documenting my work, supported by some related examples of artists’ publications or online platforms that I’ve been researching as a move towards creating my own ‘collapsible archive publication’.


IMG_6962 IMG_6965IMG_6969 IMG_6971 IMG_6975

I’m organising a small impromptu party in the Test Space to celebrate the conclusion of my residency and the events that have taken place in the TS structure in particular. I’ll be putting on some food & drink and projecting a collection of imagery from the residency.

It will follow on from a research session I’ve been invited to host in the space for Dominic Rahtz and his second year Research 4 group…

Test Space Party invite

Having experimented and spent time together in Test Space over the last couple of weeks (we quickly abandoned our initial proposal of a week-long project due to the multiple obstacles and changes in direction), Eloise and I finally reached a really exciting and interesting point today.

Using multiple projectors and HD video cameras we started layering up and manipulating combinations of existing imagery with live filming and projection over a spontaneous arrangement of materials from around the UCA site, which we continually re-arranged and renegotiated in the space…

This sense of continual shift and merging together of live and already recorded imagery occupied the space in a way that opened up a lot of potential, and we got very excited about where we could take this approach. We both very quickly began forming further ideas for an installation – a kind of multi-situational environment in which many different processes and mini installations were taking place together in one wider space…

DSC07253 DSC07254 DSC07255 DSC07267 DSC07269 DSC07270 DSC07278 IMG_0295 IMG_0345 IMG_0365